The optimys stem

The optimys short stem has been developed by Prof. Pfeil and Prof. Siebert in cooperation with Mathys (Switzerland) to allow the individual reconstruction of the patient's anatomy. The guiding structure during implantation is the medial curvature of the femur (calcar-guided) with the aim of restoring the center of rotation and the offset, regardless of the initial situation (Varus or Valgus position of the femoral neck).

This allows the optimys stem to adapt to the individual anatomical conditions of the patient with the aim of reconstructing the patient's offset. With the help of the pronounced triple conical design, good primary stability is achieved in order to minimize the risk of postoperative subsidence. In addition, given the titanium plasma spray with calcium phosphate coating, the growth of the bone at the stem is promoted.

With 12 sizes for the standard and lateral versions, the system includes a manageable implant portfolio.

In combination with a Mathys ceramic head and the RM Pressfit vitamys cup, optimys is known as the bonepreservation system.

Implantation of the optimys-stem: Tips and tricks

The optimys stem is the most popular member of the family of calcar-guided short stems. As calcar-guided short-stem THA differs from conventional THA, surgeons should make themselves familiar with the characteristics. 


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Prof. Dr. med. Karl Philipp Kutzner


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